Der Schlosser aus
der Getreidegasse

Since 1415, iron has been forged behind the iron gate in the vault of Getreidegasse 28. Today, Christian Wieber is master of the locksmith’s shop, and runs the business together with his wife and four employees. What is true for STASSNY’s fashionable creations, is also true for the craftsmanship of Wieber’s tradition-steeped locksmith’s shop: highest quality, a perfect fit, and much love for detail.


Any kinds of metalwork and locksmithery required in Salzburg’s Old Town are in the best of hands at Wieber’s – ranging from portals, lamps, old locks and keys, to guild signs.

Most guild signs on Getreidegasse once passed over Wieber’s workbench. Depending on the effort needed, it takes between one day and two weeks to restore or craft the precious pieces. STASSNY’s guild sign was made there in the late 1950s. It displays finest real gold ornaments around an artistically crafted couple in traditional costume, dancing ever since above the shop’s portal.

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STASSNY’s guild sign was crafted at Wieber’s traditionsteeped locksmith’s shop.