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Welcome to Trachten Stassny

The traditional house for fashionable Austrian style in Salzburg

They still exist – these small Salzburg shops where you can feel the homely charme. The long-established traditional house „Trachten Stassny“ in Getreidegasse is rightly counted as one of these rarities. Since the 1950s the owners have proven their sense of style and have since become a local institution in Salzburg´s Old City. They have stuck to their motto throughout the years and that´s why Stassny has been synonymous with style, joie de vivre and authenticity – back then as well as today.

Selected traditional costume and accessories
Traditional or rather with a bit more lifestyle? At Stassny you find the right attirement for any occassion as well fashionable accessoires accentuating your style. Stassny tunes you in on traditional costume from head to toe. „Dedicated and highly experienced, our team members are longstanding style advisors and specialists in their own Right.

Highest quality and competent consulting
Local connaisseurs of traditional costume as well as clients all over the world value our long-established, traditional house for our unique selection combined with a grain of extra-chic, our inumerous own creations and not least our expert consulting. Whoever comes to Stassny can look forward to somthing special. Berta Rainer and her team  get inspiration for her collection at fares all over Europe.

These are the ingredients for your timeless appearance and a guarantator of style beyond the masses! Special service: Should a piece not fit perfectly, our internal tailoring department may change it to your needs á la minute!

Our new Trachten Stassny Folder 2021/22